Robin Nelson

I graduated from UCONN with a degree in Communications and a minor in Marketing. Most of my work experience has been primarily in sales with a strong emphasis on customer relations. I have a strong sense of community and have contributed countless non-paid hours to various organizations. Currently I am volunteering in a non-profit entity that provides funding to The Village in Hartford, which supports women and children who have found themselves in challenging circumstances.

Four years ago I decided to enter the Real Estate arena after being a stay at home mom for almost 20 years.

What guided me to this particular career, was the opportunity to help people navigate through one of the biggest and important transactions they will ever make.

I believe I have a unique strategy as a Realtor, and it evolved naturally and unintentionally. I do not consider it sales, but rather ‘education’ and service. While buyers and sellers are inherently caught up in the emotional side of real estate, my focus is on identifying the practical aspects of the purchase and sale. With the knowledge and experience I have in the industry, I bring to light some of the issues and potential downsides that my clients may not otherwise be open to seeing.

I’ve talked clients out of a house as often as I have supported their decision to buy it. I would rather lose a sale than know you are making a decision that you will later regret.

I am honest and unselfish as a Realtor and no one benefits more than my clients.

You can reach Robin at: 860-944-0558

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